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Types of Cover

We explain the different types of cover available including travel disruption cover and winter sports cover.

Single trip or Annual multi-trip cover

Single Trip:

Cover available to permanent UK residents up to the age of 85 years for single trip cover. Cover up to 31 days per trip. For longer trips please phone us on 01223 446914. Click here for more information on single trip travel insurance. 

Annual Multi-Trip:

Cover available to permanent UK residents up to the age of 75 years for annual multi-trip. Cover up to 31 days per trip. Click here for more information on annual multi-trip travel insurance.



We're here to ensure your holiday is enjoyable and stress free, so making sure you travel with the right cover is our priority

Travel Disruption Cover

What is Travel Disruption Cover?

Travel disruption cover offers the financial protection customers would normally receive from their tour operator when purchasing a package holiday. When booking travel and accommodation independently customers do not enjoy the same amount of financial protection when certain problems arise.

It can be applied to both single trip and annual multi-trip policies for an additional premium.

Do I need travel disruption cover?

As an independent traveller, you will not enjoy the same rights as travellers who are booking a package holiday through a travel agent, although you do have rights against your airline, there would be a gap in cover regarding your accommodation.

Travel Disruption covers you for any unused travel, accommodation and other pre-paid charges that you cannot claim back from any other source in a number of situations. For example: 

  • if you cannot travel and have to cancel your trip due to your flight being overbooked with no reasonable alternative available in the next 12 hours;
  • if your accommodation provider becomes insolvent;
  • or if the accommodation is unusable due to a fire, flood or an outbreak of infectious disease.

Freedom's travel disruption cover is specifically designed for trips which do not constitute a 'package'.

A package means the pre-arranged combination of at least two of the following components when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than 24 hours or includes overnight accommodation:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Other tourist services such as car hire or airport parking

More information about Freedom's independent traveller extension can be found under section P of the policy booklet.

What is covered by Travel Disruption Cover?

  • It is specifically designed for trips that do not constitute a “package”
  • Cancellation/curtailment cover is extended to include the FCO or WHO prohibiting travel to or evacuation from, a certain country or area of the World
  • Extended Delayed Departure cover is provided if the public transport on which you are booked to travel is delayed (or cancelled) for more than 12 hours. Under these circumstances you can claim £20 for the first 12 hours and £10 for each additional 12 hours (to help with telephone calls and meals during the delay) up to £100 in all provided you eventually continue the trip. Furthermore the policy will pay up to the cancellation limit if, after 12 hours you decide to abandon your trip. In this way the policy will respond to costs in respect of any unused accommodation because no suitable alternatives are available. The same applies if the flight is overbooked, you are denied boarding and no suitable alternative can be found within 12 hours
  • Extended Missed Departure will provide cover for up to £500 for reasonable additional accommodation (room only) and travel expenses incurred in reaching your destination or returning home, if you fail to arrive at your departure point in time to board as a result of failure of public transport, strike, industrial action or adverse weather conditions. The same applies if you are denied boarding onto the flight because it is overbooked and you cannot find a reasonable alternative within 12 hours. If however a suitable alternative means of transport is not available then you can claim for unused accommodation up to the cancellation limit under the policy
  • If you arrive at your resort and find the accommodation you have booked is unusable because of insolvency of the provider or because of fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami etc. or an outbreak of food poisoning or infectious disease affecting your accommodation or resort, the policy will, with the prior agreement of the Emergency Assistance Service, repatriate you to your home.



Help is never far away with our 24 Hour Medical Assistance helpline
Three skiers on a mountain

Winter Sports Cover

Winter sports cover extends your policy to cover you for sports and activities such as skiing or snowboarding. Winter sports can be taken out for a maximum of 31 days on a single trip basis (provided you have paid the appropriate winter sports premium to include this cover).

A full list of sports/activities covered under our winter sports section can be seen below.

  • Airboarding
  • Big foot skiing
  • Blade skating
  • Cross country skiing/Nordic skiing
  • Dry slope skiing
  • Glacier skiing/walking
  • Husky dog sledding (organised, non-competitive and with experienced local driver)
  • *Ice go karting (within organisers guidelines)
  • Ice skating
  • *Ice windsurfing
  • Kick sledging
  • Ski – blading
  • Ski boarding
  • Ski run walking
  • Skiing on piste**
  • Skiing alpine
  • Skiing – mono
  • Skiing – off piste with a guide**
  • Sledging/tobogganing on snow
  • *Sledging/sleigh riding as a passenger (pulled by horse or reindeer)
  • Snow blading
  • Snowboarding on piste**
  • Snowboarding – off piste with a guide**
  • Snow carving (using non powered hand tools only and not working above 3 metres from the ground)
  • Snow shoe walking
  • Snow tubing
  • Winter walking (using crampons and ice picks only) ** A piste is a recognised and marked ski run within the resort boundaries.

No Cover under section G – Personal liability for those sports or activities a marked with *

**A piste is a recognised and marked ski run within resort boundaries.



Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.