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Does my travel insurance provide enough cover?

With Christmas well and truly over, many households are now looking forward to a well deserved summer holiday and one question on people's minds, especially if they have a pre existing medical condition, is whether or not their travel insurance will provide enough cover for them and their family.

There are a lot of people who are under the impression that travel insurance only covers for claims whilst you are actually on holiday, however this is not the case. A major part of holiday insurance that is often forgotten about is the all important cancellation cover. Should you become unwell and unable to travel on your planned trip, cover for cancellation is an excellent benefit to have in place. Provided you select a travel insurance policy that includes adequate cover for cancellation of your holiday, you will find your insurance kicks in from the moment you pay for it.

Depending on the travel insurance policy you have, you may be subject to an ongoing medical declaration, which could impact you financially and affect your level of cover if you have a change in health status or medication before you travel. A recent Which? article entitled 'Which? Travel slams travel insurers medical get out clauses' explains how many insurers operate an ongoing medical warranty which gives them a 'get out' if they no longer want to cover someone due to a change in their health. This can be devastating news if you have already booked and paid for your holiday and then diagnosed with a new medical condition that results in the refusal of cover by the very people you expect to turn to for help when something threatens your holiday.

Freedom Insurance is one of the few companies that does no operate an on-going medical declaration and provides a full policy including cover for pre existing medical conditions (provided they are declared and accepted at the time of issue). In simple terms, if your health changes after you've purchased your insurance, your cover will not. For more information or to get a quote from Freedom view our Medical Travel Insurance page. 

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