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When to purchase travel insurance

Every year millions of British citizens take to the skies and embark on a holiday abroad, for many this is something that's planned months in advance and seen as a highlight of the year. Many people however do not put as much thought and planning into arranging their travel insurance as they do their actual holiday. If you're planning a trip, be it just around the corner or later in the year here are some tips that could prove useful to ensure your holiday is fully protected.

Enquire about insurance before you pay for your holiday, in some cases it can be difficult to obtain adequate travel insurance such as if medical conditions need to be taken into account. If you're worried about whether you are eligible for insurance you can get a rough quote before you arrange your holiday so that you know whether cover is available.

The sooner you purchase travel insurance the earlier you will be covered for cancellation of the trip. 

It's sometimes difficult to know the best time to purchase travel insurance although many people believe you should do it as soon as you arrange your trip. The main advantage of organising holiday insurance sooner rather than later is that you're covered for cancellation reasons as soon as the policy goes live. This means if your trip is six months away when you purchase your insurance you would be covered during those six months in case any issues were to arise that would cause you to cancel your holiday.

In some situations however insurance could work out cheaper the later you leave it to purchase, this is because there is less cancellation risk with a policy started weeks instead of months prior to the trip. In many cases you only pay a deposit at the initial stage of arranging a holiday and the final sum doesn't come until much closer to the trip. Travel Insurance should be purchased as soon as you have a significant amount of money paid towards a trip. A significant amount of money would be whatever you deem is too much to lose.

One final point to remember is that if you get a rough quotation and then decide to defer the payment until closer to the trip you are not covered until your insurance is in place and if there was a change to your medical status you may not be able to get insurance at the price you were initially quoted. There is also always the chance that if a major change was to arise related to your health you would no longer be able to get insurance at all. For this reason obtaining cover as soon as your holiday is booked would prove the most sensible option.

The point in which you purchase travel insurance in relation to when you plan on travelling is not the only factor which affects the price of your premium, other factors include:

  • Age of travelers
  • Length of trip
  • Pre existing medical conditions
  • Destination