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Helping Brits Abroad

In a report, recently updated by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), statistics reveal that British consular staff have assisted with a total of 19,244 cases.  The purpose of consular staff is to provide help and advice to Britons if they have a travel related emergency whilst abroad.  Information included in the report highlights key data on incidents such as death, hospitalisation, lost and stolen passports etc.  The British Embassy/High Commission tourism figures predict that over 4,000 Britons holidaying in Spain are most likely to require assistance.


With over 6,000 deaths recorded, Spain ranks the highest with 1,492 deaths, while France comes in at second place with 820 and third place goes to Germany with 516.  Out of a total of 3,599 recorded hospitalisations Spain scores highest number with 899, Greece seizes second place with 359 and Thailand comes in at third with 285.


Travel insurers on average assist 4,600 travellers per week with emergency medical help abroad. This equates to an average cost to travel insurers of £4 million a week.  Medical bills represent 56% of the total cost of all travel insurance claims.  The average cost of a medical claim for travel insurance is £900.



If you are admitted to hospital/ clinic while abroad, Freedom policy holders need to contact AXA Emergency Assistance Service as soon as possible by telephoning +44 845 271 4477. Arrangements will then be made for medical expenses covered by the policy to be paid direct to the hospital/ clinic.



For any out-patient treatment that requires payment, please ask for a receipt. On your return, to make a claim, please contact AXA Assistance. Beware of requests for you to sign for excessive treatment charges. If you are in doubt, please contact AXA Emergency Assistance Service for guidance on +44 845 271 4477.


In the event of death, Freedom policy holders are asked to provide the original death certificate and receipts or bills for funeral, cremation or repatriation expenses.  To make a claim, contact AXA Emergency Assistance Service on +44 845 271 4477.


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Foreign & Commonwealth Office British Behaviour Abroad Report 2013

Travel sickness could cost unprotected Brits an extra £900 this summer warns the ABI