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Centre Provides Hope for Disabled Children

Freedom is proud to support the valuable work of the Footsteps Foundation by joining forces to help provide a travel insurance policy that includes cover for pre-existing medical conditions.  The Footsteps Centre was set up by Pip Hoyer-Millar, whose daughter Minty has cerebral palsy. After seeing the benefits of the ‘Spider’ therapy that Minty received in Poland, she brought it to the UK to help other children with neurological disorders.

Located in Oxfordshire, is unique in providing a combination of mat work and the innovative ‘Spider’ therapy within a three-week intensive block. The pioneering therapy programme incorporates a specialist piece of equipment called the ‘Spider’ which enables therapists to carry out a range of exercises while the child experiences a new feeling of balance and independence. This unique therapeutic approach helps disabled children to move in ways they and their families never thought possible. In developing physically, the children also develop cognitively and improve in confidence and independence. 

The charitable branch of the centre, Footsteps Foundation provides financial assistance to those families who would otherwise struggle to afford the life-changing therapy programme. The charity also subsidises the costs of specialist equipment for families accessing the Footsteps Centre. 

Case Study - Jacob from Summertown.  Jacob was diagnosed with cerebral palsy while his twin brother does not have any neurological disorders. When Jacob first came to Footsteps he was under-confident and a reluctant little boy with no belief in his potential or what he could achieve. He would always take the easy option and get mummy to do things for him.  Jacob attends three three-week sessions each year and his family say “we could not ask for a better team of physios and staff to be looking after us! Through the wonderful games and passion of everyone at Footsteps he has found a new love for physiotherapy and looks forward to each day there.”  Jacob’s mum Lucy said, “to our absolute joy and amazement Jacob started commando crawling during his second session and he also now walks 30 plus steps in his walker which is something that we were told may never be possible. This has changed all of our lives and means he is now able to crawl about and play with his twin brother! The endless giggles they can now share are all with thanks to Footsteps giving him this amazing independence.”

For further information about Footsteps or to find out how you can support Footsteps Foundation, please visit or call 01865 343851.