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Travelling with a medical condition at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time of year, especially for people who have a medical condition such as diabetes, epilepsy or a heart condition. Here at Freedom Insurance, we understand that Christmas is the time when people want to travel, to spend time with family or simply escape to the Winter sun. To help you plan your trip with ease, we bring you our 12 days of Christmas advent calendar.


  1.       Order enough medication to last during your holiday break.
  2.       Keep an up-to-date list of all your medication/s, including dose, and carry this around with you always.
  3.       If you are taking controlled medicine/s such as strong painkillers, ask your GP for a letter before you depart. This needs to include the dates of your trip, dosage of medicine and signature of the person who prescribed the medication.
  4.       It may be helpful to carry a letter giving a brief description of your disability.
  5.       Pre-notify the travel company of any assistance that you or those you are travelling with may need.
  6.       When choosing accommodation, check that is it accessible and close to the local amenities.
  7.       Confirm bookings and reservations in writing or by email.
  8.       Plan how you will get to your destination and allow plenty of time.
  9.       If you have a mobility issue and require assistance, you may need to provide an airport carrier, port or station with 48 hours’ notice prior to departure.
  10.   If you are taking any mobility equipment on holiday with you, such as a wheelchair, it is helpful to know the specifications: weight, dimensions etc.
  11.   Check arrangements before departure.
  12.   Make sure you book suitable travel insurance that meets your needs. Get a Quote