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  • In order to improve our service we greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad.
  • We use an independent customer review system, called Feefo.
  • All Feefo reviews are gathered anonymously from genuine customers.

February 2018, Freedom Insurance Services Ltd has won a Feefo Gold Service award for the third year running, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, rated by real customers.

Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded to businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique as all the awards are based purely on the interactions with verified customers. This feedback has been collated by the Feefo review platform, with the accolades being awarded based upon performance.

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Feedback has been compiled from 842 Customer Reviews with an Average Service Rating of 94%
Customer Comment
A good reasonable policy would recommend
Originally I thought this was great in order to get insurance for the disabled person I support. However, when I attempted to open my policy files and print them for work requirements I was unable to. No matter how many times I added my email and the reference number given but this company it would continuously tell me that they did not recognise it. When saying I had forgotten the details (hoping that may help) I was a sent an email with a reference number quoting I had put 1 traveller on it but I still do not have the paperwork. When trying to log in with this reference (which is the same one) I was still told by the website that it was wrong. Now I am going to have to wait until Monday to call the company to try and get my paperwork sorted.
This is a really good insurance company. Thoroughly Recomend it to everyone.
It’s just a pity that we have to reenter all our health issues every time. I am sure that Freedom can her round data protection just like other companies.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

Thank you for your good review and kind words. I do understand it is a hassle to re-enter the health issues each time - partly it is for data protection, which we do take very seriously. However, it is also in case the medical situation changes, or if conditions now fall outside of our declarations. In some cases the medical questions might be slightly different than before.

However, I am very glad to hear that you are so happy with us despite this.

Kind regards,

Data Protection Officer
Hi Thomas,
Thank you for your quick reply. I understand what you are saying about the need to reenter information each time we take insurance. At lease the system is easy to use.
Best wishes.
I have used Freedom for a few years now since I had a colostomy. I find them good value for money but I have never had to make a claim so I don't know that aspect.

I got a letter last week advising me to ring to renew my annual cover but I could not get through on the phone so I just renewed Online as I had previously.
All went through very smoothly but then I have bought before so knew what to expect.
easy to understand website and process
reasonable price and all the cover required. the wed site is easy to use. thank you Freedom
Very efficient.
There were problems with the website but managed to complete my transaction eventually.
Excellent service all round and great value for money
Relatively easy to navigate although trying to remember some of the medical terms to enable proper screening was a little hard.

Quote received ws quite reasobale when compared to others but main thing for me was motorcycle cover for riding hire bikes over 125 cc.
Always a very good service from Freedom. Slightly more expensive than other insurance companies but once they accept you for insurance the cost doesn't alter if your health changes and that's very useful with pre-existing conditions.
Easy to use
Easy site to use. Simple and straight forward
It is very frustrating that you have to start all over again if you forget a medical condition you want to add and you have to go back.
A pleasant and easy transaction!
I "chatted" to someone online before purchasing and he was very helpful. It was easy to get a quote and pay online, and it was the best price I had found to cover my pre-existing conditions.
Trying to access the policy I just bought and it doesn't recognise the reference number they sent via email. Most distressing as i left it until office closed and travelling next day before office reopens. Refund being requested
Freedom replied:
Good Afternoon,

We apologize for the trouble you experienced whilst using our website. We will look into the problem to investigate this further to try and resolve this and prevent this happening again in the future.

I understand you have been in contact with one of my colleagues and the policy has now been refunded to you. We hope this was resolved to your satisfaction.

Any further issues feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Kind Regards
Thomas Steel
Easy to use website gave me the details I needed quickly.
Reasonable pricing
very easy to buy
Great service
Simple website. Easy to follow medical screening. Have used Freedom for several years and have always been satisfied.
Excellent staff, helpful friendly and effective
Trying to access the policy I just bought and it doesnt recognise the reference number they sent via email. Most distressing.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback.
I believe you spoke to me earlier on this morning, I hope i was able to help.

I have alerted our web team to the fact that there is an issue with retrieving quotes online.

Many thanks,

Bought online, really easy to use website.
Easy to follow instructions. Good rates for pre existing medical conditions.
Great products for people with medical conditions, at really good prices. And, at last, a well-designed website to walk you through the application process. We just keep coming back.
I completed an online insurance application, which took payment and gave me a policy but `i could not access the policy documents online. I had to call the office which does not appear to have any relation to the website so I had to go through the whole application process again.
What is the point of having an online service which doesn't work properly such that as a customer I have to go through the application process twice.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

Thank you for providing us with feedback about the website. I am sorry you had issues retrieving the policy online, it is something I have alerted our website team to and they will look into it shortly.
When calling the office, our staff are trained to confirm the medical details entered online to ensure they are correct, I'm sorry that you felt like you had to go through the application a second time.

Kind regards,

Just the ease to get insurance online without a 3hr phone call
easy to use
After a few issues with the website and accessing my policy after payment I now have access to my policy documents. All sorted very quickly and efficiently.
Thank you.
Tried another website and found yours to be far more user friendly and a good price to boot.
Since having a cardiac arrest and 2 stents and a ICD pacemaker fitted 4 years ago I'd obtained cover via this company for several overseas trips. I consider myself to be in excellent health. As a responsible traveller I ensure I am covered for my travel, sadly on this occasion I felt absolutely gouged on the price. £85.64 for a very brief 48 hour trip to Middle East for a job interview. With pre-existing medical conditions you have little choice, so can only recommend that if you have a pre-existing condition compare providers and check you have answered website's ambiguous questions correctly for the policy exclusions. Fortunately never had to claim so impossible to say whether Freedom's service is any good.
Freedom replied:
Good morning, thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. The premium for this trip you mention would be increased because the trip is outside of Europe, even though it is for a short duration. We do hold all of our quotes for 30 days to give you the opportunity to think over the price or to look elsewhere. Kind regards, Ally
hassle free, takes minutes
Great always use this site
Straight forward to fuss.
Easy to book
Yes I would buy again.
always easy to use value for money and good service and cover all needs required.
Used Freedom on previous trips, easy to use with extremely competitive pricing.
insurance at a reasonable price.Disappointed I couldn't get cover on an annual basis.Didn't seem to be a facility to edit quote so had to enter all medical screeningdetails again when I inadvertently forgot some details.
Easy to use site.
Very quick and the questions about mine and my husband’s health were thorough.
On line service was easy to navigate.
Application very quick to complete and documents received instantaneously.
Quick and easy to use. Above all cheaper than the other 2 big search engines that were quoting me stupid prices.