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Your Feedback on Our Service

  • In order to improve our service we greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad.
  • We use an independent customer review system, called Feefo.
  • All Feefo reviews are gathered anonymously from genuine customers.

February 2018, Freedom Insurance Services Ltd has won a Feefo Gold Service award for the third year running, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, rated by real customers.

Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded to businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique as all the awards are based purely on the interactions with verified customers. This feedback has been collated by the Feefo review platform, with the accolades being awarded based upon performance.

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Feedback has been compiled from 893 Customer Reviews with an Average Service Rating of 92%
Customer Comment
I did not eventually buy the insurance as it increased from 149 to over 800 pounds after I was questioned with a follow up phone call. I am expecting a refund now for a void. Transaction
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

I am sorry that you weren't happy with the price of the policy after we made the amendments needed, to offer an explanation this would have been because the policy you purchased online had the incorrect destination and some significant medical conditions missing that would fall into our declaration. The reason why we check these points when you call us is to make sure you have appropriate cover in place, as if it was left incorrect it would be an invalid policy. Apologies once again, and if you do have any further queries you are more than welcome to call us on 01223 454 290 we are open until 5:30 today.

Kind regards, Len.
With my current health history, it was quite refreshing having not to give long and drawn out history of said complaints.
Very Good.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

Thank you for leaving a positive review and I am glad you found the process refreshing! All the best for your upcoming trip!

kind regards, Len.
Easy access. I always buy on line. No to speak to an agent unless I ne
Competitive pricing with a pre existing medical condition but to retrieve the documents after purchasing the policy is a nightmare. Have to set up an account to retrieve documents but then the e mail address and reference is not recognised!
Have sent Freedom an online message asking them to post the documents out, they have not responded yet.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

thank you for your compliment on our competitive pricing, however I apologise that you encountered difficulties retrieving the policy documents online. Our operations department have been made aware of this today and will certainly be looking into rectifying this and any ways we can make our processes smoother for our customers. We did receive your message and your documents were posted out yesterday so should be with you soon. Should you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to call us on 01223 454 290.

Kind regards, Len.
I do apologise about the feedback I first gave. I was frustrated with trying to download the documents but when reading my e mails I then saw your operations team had responded promptly and confirmed they posted the documents out.
Online screening was easy, even for my 1 in a million diagnosis. But after paying for the policy I ran into a hiccup with the policy retrieval. It just wouldn't retrieve the documents for me online, wanting a password that I didn't have, and rejecting my policy reference. So I had to phone up. But a very helpful lady (Debbie Tibbott) sorted things out for me, and emailed me my papers. So happy in the end. Thanks!
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

I apologise about the difficulties you encountered retrieving your policy online and I will advise our operations department to investigate the issue, however its great to hear you were able to receive the documents via email and were happy in the end. I will certainly pass on your thanks to the operator you spoke with.

Kind regards, Len.
I made an error when taking out the policy on-line I had mt husbands pre existing medical conditions on my name and vice versa. I telephoned and explained my error, this was rectified and the amended policy was e-mailed to me within the promised 5 minutes by Thomas,also my request for a call back happened very quickly, very efficient service,thank you
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

Thank you for the compliments on the service you received and I am happy we were able to resolve any issues you encountered. Have a great trip!

Kind regards, Len.
Second time using Freedom for my holiday. Considering I have a long term illness their quotes are always good. Their website is so easy to navigate too.
Quick easy and used several time !
I have used Freedom Insurance in the past and found them to be very good, and good value on their products
Really like Freedom Insurance. Find the new web site a little more difficult to navigate but easier to complete forms.
Thank you
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

I'm happy to hear you found it easier to complete the quotation process this time, we will certainly take on board your feedback about the website. Hope you have a lovely trip.

Kind regards,

No problems at all.
have used freedom insurance for many years , always had a great affordable quote and cover.
Freedom replied:
Good afternoon,

Thank you for your repeated custom, it's great to hear you are happy with the service we provide!
We hope you have a pleasant trip in a few weeks time.

Kind regards,

It was very straightforward and easy to answer all the medical questions that are required to be filled in. Very user friendly site once logged in.
Freedom replied:
Good afternoon,

We are glad you found the website easy to navigate! thank you for your feedback.
Kind regards,

Clear and very simple to Complete
After entering all the details about my medical conditions I was told that I could not purchase an annual multi trip policy which is fair enough but I was told I could take single trip insurance. Instead of just offering a price for single trip I had to go through the whole process again entering all the details again. Very frustrating.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

Thank you for your review, I apologise that you found the process frustrating on our website. We are always aiming to improve our service and I will certainly pass on your comments to our operations department to see if we can change this process in the future. I am happy to see that you succeeded in purchasing single trip cover for your trip.

Kind regards,

Seemed straightforward.
brilliant service and the cheapest
Simple to use fields and book . Quick and easy .
I would recommend.
I have used freedom for many years peace of mind we are coved for medical conditions and can enjoy our holiday very easy to use online quotes and staff on the phones very helpful thanks
Odd. Am trying to input password to be able to access papers. First system told me my new insurance policy didn't exist.... then it sent me a list of my insurance policies.... with my new number on it... as it does exist:) :)
Freedom replied:
Good Afternoon,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you have had trying to retrieve the documents for your policy. We have unfortunately had some trouble with this which is being looked into. I can see a reference for the policy along with an email address so we will get the documents emailed out to you now and they should be with you soon. In the mean time if you do have any further issues do feel free to contact us on 01223 454 290 and we will do our best to help.

Kind Regards

Thomas Steel
Easy to arrange insurance. Not yet had to make a claim.
Following a heart attack Freedom insured me, at an appropriate premium, after a 3 month period and I have now renewed with Freedom for over 10 years.

Freedom's screening questionnaire appear to recognise when medication is provided for preventative reasons rather than a patient having a condition e.g. blood pressure lowering tables are prescribed as a preventative medication in the case of heart attacks as a risk reduction strategy, not because the patient high blood pressure. The same applies, to aspirin for thinning blood and statins for reducing collateral in their blood. Some pre-screening assumes if you take medication to lower blood pressure or statins that you have a medical condition of high blood pressure of too much collateral in the arteries.

Following my initial excellent telephone advice together with actually being able to buy insurance I now book with on-line Freedom. I take yearly European insurance to cover my European travel throughout the year and top-up on a holiday by holiday basis when I go to America as I am unable to buy world wide yearly insurance. Also, prices are comparable with other insurance premiums with same medical conditions and same screening which I check on a yearly basis.

Freedom is an excellent example of building a business based on risk exploitation whereby customers who have a medical condition can buy appropriate insurance rather than not being able to travel due to standard travel insurance not providing cover for preexisting conditions. So without insurance companies like Freedom one could find it impossible to travel.
The website could be easier to navigate - once we had input one of our family member's screening, we had forgotten to input something but could not find the way to reopen it
Quick, easy and online, asks sensible questions about existing health conditions, and isn't outrageously priced. Will definitely be using them again
The LiveChat lady , Jess , was very helpful and patient with my enquiries . The service is always great . However the policy wording was an old one and not the 2018 one . Jess is contacting Operations
My only gripe would be the price over £80 for 1 week break to the Canaries because I have had low grade bladder cancer not necessitating any ongoing treatment and mild asthma again only needing the use of inhalers and never had any hospital treatment .
Eas to fill in details for health insurance` In the pas have used the telephone to book. Using the internet was efficient and gave a competitive quote which was easy to purchase and print off policy.
Very helpful
Very easy and user friendly site. Got travel insurance and at a reasonable cost too!
This is my fourth time of purchasing insurance with this company and again I found the process simple and straight forward. However as before I have to raise the issue of rising costs. From May to October 2018 the cost of insuring the same two individuals at the same location and for the same period of time has risen by £30 without any material change of circumstances.
Really easy to to get quote and also to complete the purchase.
Have used freedom before because they are so helpful.
Easy to use website and happy with quote. But feefo review site won't let me tick to not show name!
simple to book
I have used Freedom Insurance before. The website is easy to follow and the response is quick. I'd pass this information on to others.
Simple online application and quote very reasonable.
Weren’t able to offer multi-trip cover to include the USA for a pre-existing medical condition, so tried to sell me very expensive single trip cover through a sister company instead. Steer well clear!
Freedom replied:
Sorry that we were unable to offer an annual quotation on this occasion, when we are unable to offer an annual on Freedom we would then look at options with our sister company and also single trip cover in order to try and provide some form of cover for our customers.
Good efficient service
Easy to apply
Easy and quick automated service that I am happy to use in the future.
Very good
easy to follow and simple all the medical questions are laid out in a very logical way
Now you can do things online it makes things so much easier than it used to be. Have used Freedom 4 times and have found them really friendly and make life easy for someone with a pre-existing condition (I had testicular cancer just over 3 years ago).
This is the third time we have chosen Freedom. Travelling with medical conditions can be very expensive but Freedom offer very good value for money making going abroad a possibility. Thank You Freedom.
By far the cheapest quote but didn't find last stage of buying policy each
Used this policy for the past 5 years , since my illness , clear fast and easy to use web site
Easy, on-line system however renewal letter asked me to telephone, and on doing so adviser said I had to re-apply for new insurance on-line. There appeared to be no renewal link to my previous insurance. This could be made clearer.
I completed a form online. It was well laid out, and easy to follow. Responses were quick, and the questions asked in respect of certain specified medical conditions were clear, fair, and sensible.

The quote I received was reasonable too. I felt able to accept it. I was buoyed by the fact that I could recall just how friendly and efficient the company's staff had been on the phone on a previous occasion (a year ago) when I first used this firm.

It was because of the wholly positive experience a year ago that I made this firm my first port of call this year too. I am glad that I did.
The website worked very well except that I had to make a couple of attempts to pay via Mastercard.
Easy website