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Your Feedback on Our Service

  • In order to improve our service we greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad.
  • We use an independent customer review system, called Feefo.
  • All Feefo reviews are gathered anonymously from genuine customers.

February 2017, Freedom Insurance Services Ltd has won a Feefo Gold Service award for the second year running, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, rated by real customers.

Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded to businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique as all the awards are based purely on the interactions with verified customers. This feedback has been collated by the Feefo review platform, with the accolades being awarded based upon performance.

Feedback has been compiled from 713 Customer Reviews with an Average Service Rating of 97%
Customer Comment
It’s easy to set up insurance but it would be better if information previously supplied could be accessed to save time on subsequent travel insurance applications.
Freedom replied:
Good afternoon,

Thank you for leaving your feedback with us. 
Due to the sensitive nature of some of the details we take, we have it so that all details are re-entered for each policy.
Whilst this does mean a new policy or renewal might take a while longer, we feel that the security of your information is paramount. 

Thanks for responding Tom.
I totally understand where you are coming from. I just wish that there was a way around it as it takes us forever.
Best wishes
I have given 5 stars because:

Ease of completing form online
Easy to understand questions
Easy to print documents
Competitive price
Used previously
The webpage was easily understood and the pathway clear. I was impressed with the speed of the processing once the medical questions were answered. Yes I would recommend them to my friends.
Very good
Will certainly use again easy efficient on line form and very competative price
Very easy to use
Straightforward questions. However, there was a bit of confusion re heart problem wording.... ie wife had had cardioversion and later ablation.... this couldn't be recorded on your tick list....having ticked cardioversion, we had to close the website; reopen; and eventually tick ablation... JR Cambridge
Freedom replied:
Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. Further down the list, there is an option to tick more than one type of treatment i.e. ablation. I hope that this helps. Kind regards, Ally
Thank you for your reply.... good to have a company who do reply... so I know this "customer feedback" is not just "window dressing" for you.... Thank you.
Re my original point... Perhaps it would be a good communication point to place AT THE TOP OF THE LIST that if you want to tick more than one option it is possible so to do if you??? (and explain what to do.
I did try to tick on both cardioversion AND ablation but was not permitted to do so....I was doing the logical thing of WORKING DOWN the list, and when, on the second working through, I had ticked the ablation (being the major event), I presumed I had finished, THEREFORE READING ANYTHING ELSE WAS IRRELEVANT.
Anyway, I shall now seek to find your amendment page and add that my wife had had cardioversion prior to the ablation (ablation procedure would only be given after cardioversion events had occurred...thus I had assumed that this was understood as having been done if one had informed the insurance company that ablation had been done). Am I right in seeking to amendtmy submission to you, and to do so in this way? Or should I contact you by phone? Kind Regards John Rees Ah, I now understand.... "modify my rating" means "modify my rating of my experience of using FREEDOM INSURANCE LTD and your website.... it isn't about modifying our medical experience information sent originally to you when applying for cover.
With regard to what I said above, do I need to modify our medical experience information? Kind Reards John Rees
Freedom replied:

I will pass your comment over to our Operations team and someone will get in touch with you shortly. Kind regards, Ally
Quick and clear journey, great price and good cover. Thanks!
Very easy to use especially for medical conditions.
Everything was going fine until I wanted to print out the policy etc. It will not recognise the policy number: FRE/WEB/833115. So now I have no proof of sale or the policy.
Please look into it ASAP as I need to get this sorted.
Regards , Rita Allso
Freedom replied:

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties trying to retrieve the documents online. We will get these emailed over to you as soon as possible and investigate the online issue. 

Kind regards
I have used Freedom a number of times now. I did have trouble in the past getting cover for one member of the family but I don’t have this problem with Freedom. Being able to do the medical screening on-line is a big plus as it saves me spending a long time on the phone and I can come back to it to finish it rather than doing it all in one go.
Freedom replied:
Thank you for the positive feedback.
It's nice to hear that we've been able to provide cover for you on several occasions.

Nor being very computer literate, I found it was an easy to follow website from beginning to end.
Clear, simple, easy to understand medical questions
Very straight forward and easy to purchase
They are the cheapest I could find for pre existing conditions
Great cover I will be using freedom every year from now on
Freedom replied:
I'm glad to hear that you've been so happy with our service that you will use us again in the future. 
I hope that we're able to provide peace of mind and high quality service for many upcoming holidays!

Thank you for the positive review!

Quick and easy and no messing about.
I have used Freedom Insurance a number of times now and am always pleasantly surprised how affordable they are given my many pre existing conditions.
Freedom replied:
Good morning,

It's really nice to see that a someone who has been with us before  has taken the time to write such a positive review. Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback.

Absolutely brilliant service and would recommend to all
Easy to use and quick
very helpful discussion with a lady who checked out a few things with AXA and website subsequently easy to use. Policy seems to cover every eventuality and appears good. I have car insurance with AXA who are the underwriters as well
Easy to use very quick and good value compared to other companies
Quick and easy.
Easy to use and gave an immediate quote on conclusion of the questions being answered. As a couple with pre-existing medical conditions it was very reassuring to know that we are insured effectively
Freedom replied:
Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice review of our services. 
I am glad that we are able to provide such reassurances.

Many thanks,

I have used Freedom services several times but as yet, luckily have had never had to make a claim. The website is quick and easy to use regarding `pre-existing conditions`.
My only gripe would be is that it does not hold `historical information` and that each time you use it, you need to re-enter your conditions, dates etc. I understand new conditions may need to be added.
Freedom replied:

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. We are always looking at ways to improve the customer experience. I will pass this information onto our developers.

Kind regards
Service good, but problems with retrieving policy online. Not able to access it.
Freedom replied:
Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry you had issues with the online system.
If you do ever have problems retrieving your policy online, we are able to assist via the telephone 01223 454290. Or if you send us an email at, we will be able to help too.

The online service was easy to follow and complete. The product appears to be fit for purpose and reasonably priced.
My child has a heart condition this company was recommended by hospital he had his surgeries. I did my quote online and rang the very helpful operator as I was anxious I might have made a error in the medical declarations for my baby. This is the second time I've used Freedom and my experience hasn't changed from the first time. Very personal service
Freedom replied:
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are really pleased that you are able to travel with peace of mind. Enjoy a lovely holiday! Ally
Exactly the same questions, and format as 3 other companies I tried but much much cheaper - £80-£160. Thank you so much
Easy and really good price
I compared a lot of different companies to find one that covered all my pre existing conditions at a good price. Freedom Insurance was easy to buy online. I filled in the screening questions and got a quote. Very straightforward. Their price was the cheapest I found too. One other company was double the price! So overall I am happy with my purchase. I haven't travelled yet, and hopefully won't have to use them, or be in a position to comment on how they handle claims.
Quick and easy to arrange travel insurance through their website. They seem to cover a wide range of medical problems, and, for me at least, the premium was very reasonable.
One small gripe about the website is that you do not appear to be able to go back and change/add anything once you have your quote (I had to go through the quote again to add what I'd forgotten). If they fixed that, the service would be as near perfect as possible.
Freedom replied:
I'm happy to hear that you found our range of cover and prices reasonable.
We are constantly looking to improve our website and our online service and I will pass your feedback onto our web developer.

Thank you for your positive feedback.

Buying online was quick, simple and easy, just a few questions and it was all done. I will certainly use Freedom Insurance Services again and will recommend it to friends and family.
Easy to complete on line including medical screening .
Excellent as usual.
We use your service each time we travel.
Thank you
Freedom replied:
I'm glad to hear that you continually find our service excellent. It's always nice to hear, especially after coming back to work after such a nice Bank Holiday weekend!

Thank you for your kind words.

Quick and easy to get a quote and confirm purchase
The drugs I take are preventive which seemed to cause a problem.
Freedom replied:
Thank you for your feedback, 
I am sorry you felt frustrated with the medical questions. 

If you had any questions about the drugs you take, you can contact us on 01223 454 290 and we can run through your questions in more detail. 

Kind regards,

Would definitely buy again dealt with complete professionalism and answered my questions straight away.
Simple, easy to get a quote at a good price
Really good online service, easy to use and had a quote within seconds. Being able to do this online is so much easier!! And great rates too - total value for money!
Still don't understand how a managed health condition is more risk than an unknown or un-managed health condition. However, this quote process was quick, price competitive and covered the key things required. It would be helpful to find ways of getting annual insurance because the one off is expensive but if the cover is not required why can't the next trip receive the cumulative discount even if it can't for the whole year.
Good cover
Quick and easy - and the cheapest quote for my medical condition!
Fantastic price 12 month post transplant and so looking forward to going to my favourite place in the world 😍
Freedom replied:
I'm always happy to hear that someone is able to travel to their favourite place! 
Thank you for your positive feedback! 

I can't put emojis into my replies so I will simply say "Have a fantastic trip!"

helpful and quick
Very good, one the easiest sites to use with pre existing medical conditions
Bought our policy online; very easy to use; a very competitive price compared with other online insurers. This is the second time we have used Freedom Insurance and will do so again.
Great services, not too expensive, easier to use and prompt services. Good company to use especially for people with disabilities which other insurance companies wont cover for small trips
Quick, easy and reasonably priced
easy to navigate understand and book
I found the experience very straight forward for the second year in succession.
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