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Angina Travel and Holiday Insurance

Holiday insurance for angina sufferers designed by medical travel insurance experts

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Medical Cover

Medical Cover

Medical Cover

Cancellation Cover

Medical Cover

Baggage Cover

Medical Cover

from £50
Policy Excess

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Benefit (excess) Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation & Curtailment £1,500 (£100) £5,000 (£75) £10,000 (£50)
Emergency Medical & Repatriation £5,000,000 (£100) £10,000,000 (£75) £10,000,000 (£50)
Missed Departure £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £1,250 (£50)
Baggage and Personal Belongings £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £2,000 (£50)

Cover limits are per person, per trip.

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Why cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Whether your angina is stable and controlled by medication or you've had a heart bypass or angioplasty in the past, we have a policy that could meet your needs. Freedom's angina travel and holiday insurance for angina sufferers can also protect your travelling companions provided they are on the same specialist insurance. This way, should your angina be stable and then cause any trip complications, they too can claim.

Providing you have declared your pre-existing heart conditions during our medical screening, cover will be provided if you need to cancel or cut short your trip due to an unforeseen change in your medical circumstances. All Freedom policies include cover for emergency medical expenses up to £5 million or £10 million which is extended to cover your pre-existing medical conditions whilst travelling.

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Freedom has been providing travel and holiday insurance to people with pre-existing heart conditions for over 20 years!

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Medical travel and holiday insurance for people with angina

An angina attack can be stable and then happen suddenly and without warning so if a previous diagnosis has been made it is important that you take out travel insurance which will provide angina sufferers cover for any further heart related complications. There are numerous factors which are taken into account when working out a travel insurance quotation such as where you are travelling to, the length of the trip, the age of all travellers on the policy, your current health status.




Angina sufferers should make sure that you have all your medication to hand especially your GTN spray


Keep moving

Speak to your GP for travel advice - for example, moving from your seat once every two hours will help improve blood circulation and prevent clots



Costs abroad for dealing with heart conditions can be very expensive, having a heart attack in the USA can cost over £100,000 for treatment and repatriation to the United Kingdom

Applying for travel and holiday insurance with angina

We aim to make the process of obtaining travel insurance as convenient and stress free as possible and so have provided you with two options. You can either get a quote online via our secure and confidential screening system, or if you would rather speak to someone you can contact us on 01223 446 914 where one of our travel insurance agents will be happy to help.

Cover can be arranged for travel to European or worldwide destinations on single, annual multi-trip or cruise policies.

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Tips for travellers with medical conditions

Medical screening and declaring pre-existing conditions

Insuring travelling companions on the same policy

Dealing with medical emergencies abroad

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"Excellent company and great service. I have used Freedom for many years. Peace of mind that we are covered for medical conditions and can enjoy our holiday. Very easy to use, online quotes and staff on the phones are very helpful, thanks."

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Medical travel insurance frequently asked questions

Always check with your GP or consultant. There is a normal recovery period of 6 weeks, but this can vary depending on the condition and treatment.

Single trip travel insurance is available up to the age of 79. The available duration will vary depending on your age bracket. See the policy wording or call us if your dates are not returning a quotation as we may be able to explore alternative policies.

*Available trip duration may vary depending on age.

If there is a change in your health, prescribed medication or treatment before you go on holiday, let us know by telephone on 01223 446 914. We are required to address any health changes to ensure you are fully covered on your insurance policy.