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High Cholesterol Travel & Holiday Insurance

Designed for people with cholesterol by medical travel and holiday insurance experts

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Medical Cover

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Benefit (excess) Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation & Curtailment £1,500 (£100) £5,000 (£75) £10,000 (£50)
Emergency Medical & Repatriation £5,000,000 (£100) £10,000,000 (£75) £10,000,000 (£50)
Missed Departure £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £1,250 (£50)
Baggage and Personal Belongings £750 (£100) £1,000 (£75) £2,000 (£50)

Cover limits are per person, per trip.

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Travel and holiday insurance for people with high cholesterol

When taking out travel and holiday insurance, it’s easy to skip cholesterol medication as much like blood pressure, it can be prescribed as a precaution. High levels of cholesterol in your blood can lead to greater risk of heart conditions and strokes, therefore it is important to notify your insurer of this medication to ensure you are fully covered for anything that could be directly or indirectly related.

If you're planning a holiday and like so many other British people are prescribed medication to control your cholesterol level, then it's important that you declare this at the time of taking out travel insurance. This would ensure that if any complications were to arise either prior to or during your trip which are deemed related to the cholesterol such as a stroke or heart condition then you would be covered for this.

In many cases, particularly if your cholesterol is well controlled by medication, adding this to the policy should not impact the price of your insurance. It would however increase the amount of cover that's available to you and fill in any gaps in the policy thus giving you the freedom to enjoy your holiday and travel with the peace of mind that you're fully protected.

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Cholesterol medication may be precautionary following a heart condition or due to age, but be sure to declare this so you are fully covered

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High cholesterol travel and holiday insurance at a fair price

At Freedom our main concern is providing you with adequate cover for your personal needs and that's why we won't sell a policy unless we can cover you for everything including pre-existing medical conditions.

Our prices are based on a person’s current state of health at the time of taking out a policy, so if you are currently being treated for high cholesterol or any relating complications, we will tailor a policy that specifically meets your individual needs, making sure you have the right level of cover for your trip.

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Applying for travel and holiday insurance with high cholesterol

You can apply here online or over the telephone; it’s quick, simple and totally confidential. To provide you with a quote, you’ll need to let us know where you are travelling to, and for how long. Make sure to declare your cancer and any other pre-existing medical conditions that apply to you and anyone else on the policy. 

You will be guided through a medical screening questionnaire, where a series of relevant questions will be asked to assess your health. These questions should be answered accurately and to the best of your knowledge. You will then be presented with available policy options, which include cover for declared medical conditions as well as cover for cancellation, baggage, personal accident and lots more.

If you need assistance at any point, please call us and one of our insurance agents will gladly help!

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Take extra medication

Always pack additional medication in case of delays, emergency, loss or theft


Speak to your GP

Even if your cholesterol is well controlled, it’s worth having it checked before you set off on your travels. Your doctor will be able to advise you of any special precautions to take, whether you need extra vaccinations and may be able to prescribe additional medication to cover the travel period


Check the food menu

Airlines often provide snacks with added sugar/salts, so it’s worth taking your own in your hand luggage and look out for healthier snacks amongst restaurant menus

Tips for travellers with medical conditions

Medical screening and declaring pre-existing conditions

Insuring travelling companions on the same policy

Dealing with medical emergencies abroad

Our team of friendly, medically aware travel insurance agents are here to help

Medical travel insurance frequently asked questions

Yes, you will need to declare any conditions including cholesterol if you are taking prescribed medication to control your cholesteral.

It is important to keep your cholesterol under control. High cholesterol can cause heart related problems and strokes.

It’s always better to have more than you need, rather than running short.  Request a prescription for additional medication in case of delays, loss or theft and always keep some in your hand luggage so that it is easily accessible.